Mar 242017
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Why You Need an Accountability Buddy

A fitness partner or accountability buddy may be just the right encouragement to help you jolt you out of your weight loss slump. Having a friend to call when Cherry Garcia beckons from the freezer, or to meet you for an afternoon walk, can help you achieve your goals.

Research indicates that people perform better when working towards an objective together. Why not take advantage of this powerful resource for the both of you?

Mar 222017
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Zucchini Pasta with Italian Lentil Sauce

Spiralized veggies posing as pasta is a hot cooking trend. This vegetarian Zucchini pasta recipe with puts a new twist to the healthy fad.

Have you tried spiralizing vegetables for pasta yet? My mom inspired me to try it and David loved this zucchini pasta recipe so much that he wants me to make it again. Considering he doesn’t like squash, that’s totally amazing!

Mar 102017
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How to Make Spring No-Sew Photo Mosaic Placemats

Spring’s here! Time for Easter, Mother’s Day, and other Spring holidays involving food and children. In this article, I show you how to make an easy no-sew photo mosaic placemat perfect for the kids’ table. It wipes off with a damp cloth, helps protect your table. It will even match your spring decor!

Use your own favorite spring photos to create unique one-of-a-kind placemats. It’s super easy and affordable. You can even let older children help you make them!

Feb 282017
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Red Lentil Stew - A Heart-healthy DASH Diet Comfort Food

This delicious Red Lentil Stew recipe is a comfort food recipe that follows the DASH diet guidelines. It’s vegan, low-sodium, and nutritious.

It’s a hearty meal destined to rank as one of your favorite comfort foods. Add a handful of spinach at the end of cooking if you like. A handful of fresh basil also rounds out the flavor profile well.

Feb 102017
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Starting Again: Getting Back Into Motion and Reset Goals

After a protracted fitness vacation, I’ve learned a few things and I am about to reset goals. I’ve made a plan to get back on track and back into motion.

I want to return my body to its previous conditioning level. I want my arms and tummy more toned. I want to shed the extra pounds I picked up over the holidays. I want to feel comfortable in my clothes again.

Here is my plan. Anything you would do differently?

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