Apr 272017
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Born In China Prize Package Giveaway!

This weekend, David and I plan to see Born in China! I know, it’s a little different than my steady diet of sci-fi, thrillers, and superhero action flicks. What can I say? I’m a sucker for cute animals. Who can resist seeing adorable baby pandas, gorgeous snow leopards, and the cutest baby golden monkeys! It promises to be China like you’ve never seen it.

Also, until May 31, you can enter daily to win a Born in China prize package featuring a stuffed panda, a case of SunRype fruit snacks, and four movie tickets.

Apr 192017
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Great Free Cat Toys you probably already have

I strongly encourage pet ownership and believe that pets help us live healthier, longer, more fulfilling lives. We are cat lovers and we have five cats. Because they are an integral part of our lives, I hope to enrich their lives as much as they have enriched ours. They amuse me with their antics. Our kitties snuggle with us in the evenings. Each of them greets us at the door when we return. They also act as my emotional support animals.

The best way I can give back to our kitties is keeping them active through play. Besides keeping them entertained, interacting with your pets strengthens bonding, socializes them, and encourages exercise. Since my cats are part of my family, I want to keep them healthy and build that relationship.

However, cats easily tire of toys. If you buy a new toy to interact with your purry friend every time they get bored, your pocketbook empties fast! Here are some of my favorite homestyle toys for our kitties.

Apr 182017
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5 Ways to stop your cat from clawing your furniture

Yep.  I’m a cat lover.  We have 5 cats, but their clawing behavior gives me “paws.”   One thing we’ve learned is that kitties sometimes destroy things.  However, I couldn’t imagine our lives without these furry razor balls.  They are our friends, our second children, and my emotional support animals. I know many of you [but, wait, there’s more…]

Apr 172017
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prAna - Sustainable Fashion that Gives Back

Check out the hottest sale on prAna this spring and save 15%! I just got some new clothes for summer! I love the prAna Quinn dress and the Calypsa top. But I love prAna’s commitment to society, ethical growing practices, and healthy movement as well. Learn more about clothing made with organic cotton, hemp, and recycled polyesters.

Apr 082017
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Berry Crumble Slow Cooker Recipe and the low-FODMAP Diet

Satisfy your sweet-tooth craving with Slow Cooker Berry Crumble. Naturally fruit-sweetened, it contains no added sugar, making it perfect for dessert or breakfast.

Consisting of fruit, rolled oats, and cinnamon, the aroma made my tummy growl more than once!

I adapted from the Essential IBS cookbook which contains over 200 delicious recipes designed especially for IBS sufferers.

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