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Roasted Red Pepper Soup

Get dinner for two on the table in 15 minutes with this easy Roasted Red Pepper soup recipe. This simple vegetarian soup is low-calorie, has a rich flavor, and a smooth consistency.

I found it in the book: Vegetarian Quick & Easy – Under 15 Minutes by Jonathan Vine. This book is full of easy, tasty, family friendly vegetarian recipes that cook in 15 minutes. It’s the perfect summertime cookbook!

The recipes aren’t fancy. They are quick, easy meals that practically make themselves. If you are looking for a gourmet meal, this isn’t your book. If you’re exhausted and need dinner on the table so you can collapse on the sofa and relax, this is your go-to!

Jul 112016
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Five moves to a sexy booty

Did you know that healthy glutes are sexy? Strong glutes help us to maintain posture, walk, take stairs, and squat to lift groceries. In this short video, I use Booty Loops to show you some exercises to strengthen and tone that backside for a divine derriere. You can use any exercise bands you’d like – or none at all – and still, get a great tush workout.

Jul 082016
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Three Sisters Summer Soup

A delicious, filling summer soup with roots in Native American folklore and legend, Three Sisters Summer soup is a beautiful bounty for the eyes. High fiber, high protein, vegan, and versatile, this light summer soup is a meal in itself.

This one varies a bit from the traditional by using summer squash, but the soul embodiment of the Native American legend still resonates with me.

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