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Label This! What does the Organic Label really mean?

One fact remains unquestioned about food labels: Consumers find them confusing. In a recent post that I wrote about nutrition label updates, many people commented how indecipherable they found the ingredients. Food labeling befuddles so many shoppers that people even confuse the nutrition panel with the ingredient label. Some people also mentioned that they only buy organic or fresh products, so the labels were unimportant to them.

Of course, that spawned some questions and discussion about organic food that I wanted to clarify.

What qualifies as organic and what does the organic label mean? Can organic foods contain GMOs or come from GMO seed? Are there different categories or organically produced food? What do the approved USDA Certified Organic labels look like and what do they mean?

I try to answer these questions in a nutshell.

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Summer Giveaway - Win $100 Paypal or Amazon Cash

It’s been a little while since we helped sponsor a giveaway and we decided it’s time again! TaylorLife has joined forces with 9 other fabulous, giveaway-loving, bloggers to give you a chance to win $100. The winner gets to choose whether they’d like to take cold, hard Paypal – or a shopping trip on Amazon! 

Spend it on whatever you like. Get that bikini you’ve been working so hard to get into. Buy that Instant Pot that’s all the rage on Pinterest right now.  Ooh! Have some real fun! Pay a bill 🙂  If you win, how will you spend the money? 

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30 minute Oven Baked Shrimp Risotto with Basil and Pecans

I am a creature of comfort and a lazy one at that. Alas, I didn’t relish standing over a hot stove, spooning broth one ladle at a time for almost an hour in the Florida summer.  However, my lack of gumption wasn’t going to satisfy my craving. So, I searched the internet for a baked risotto, modified, and experimented till I came with my own southern coastal baked dish of comfort that somewhat resembles a risotto. Unlike most traditional risottos, though, my Oven Baked Shrimp Risotto with Basil and Pecans isn’t high-calorie. I do not use butter or a lot of cheese.

Technically, it’s not an authentic risotto.  But it’s still delicious and much less laborious. Not to mention, you have dinner on the table for two in 30 minutes. Take that risotto!

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Label This! Understanding the USDA 2017 Nutrition Label Updates

Just when you thought you had a grasp on understanding the basic nutrition label, the USDA changes things.  Don’t worry, though.  The differences make it easier to read and understand the label. The new label takes American eating habits and new dietary research into account, too. A lot changed in the 10+ years since we got our 2006 label. It’s time to update it to reflect new research.  It retains its recognizable design but presents information in an easier-to-understand format and includes new details.

I will explain the changes – and some of the reasons why – the USDA made. Also find out when you can expect to see the new label in a store near you.

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Healthy Summer Savings - Stock up on Snacks and Essentials Now!

I love shopping sites like Vitacost.  Vitacost offers a wealth of health-related items such as vitamins, natural care products, and earth-friendly home cleaning products.  They also carry some of my favorite snacks.

Right now is a great time to stock up for the summer, too, because Groupon has many impressive Vitacost coupons and promo codes.  So, you can restock your pantry snacks, your vitamin cabinet, and refill your cleaning cabinet with your favorite products and cash in on some pretty good savings.

Be sure to click the tab to see “Literally Every Single Vitacost Promo Code” for specific brand savings

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