Depression Relief Workbook cover

The 10-Step Depression Relief Workbook

I was sick over the Christmas holidays and took the opportunity to read the "10 Step Depression Relief Workbook." It's not light reading, but several of my family members have been touched by depression - some even requiring hospitalization. I like that…
What makes you feel powerful?

What makes you feel powerful?

What makes you feel powerful? Hard question, right? So many times, we ferociously focus on what makes us afraid that we forget to embrace the things that make us feel secure. For most of my adult life, I've experienced anxiety and agoraphobia.…
resistance bands

Free 5-min Resistance Band Workout

Here's a quick 5-minute resistance loop band workout that you can do from the privacy of your home. So easy, you can even do it while you watch TV. Resistance workouts help build strength through resistance rather than heavy lifting. These kinds…
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