Apr 182017
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5 Ways to stop your cat from clawing your furniture

Yep.  I’m a cat lover.  We have 5 cats, but their clawing behavior gives me “paws.”   One thing we’ve learned is that kitties sometimes destroy things.  However, I couldn’t imagine our lives without these furry razor balls.  They are our friends, our second children, and my emotional support animals. I know many of you [but, wait, there’s more…]

Apr 082017
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Berry Crumble Slow Cooker Recipe and the low-FODMAP Diet

Satisfy your sweet-tooth craving with Slow Cooker Berry Crumble. Naturally fruit-sweetened, it contains no added sugar, making it perfect for dessert or breakfast.

Consisting of fruit, rolled oats, and cinnamon, the aroma made my tummy growl more than once!

I adapted from the Essential IBS cookbook which contains over 200 delicious recipes designed especially for IBS sufferers.

Mar 302017
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What you need to know about CBD Hemp Products

Ok. Soapbox time. I don’t do it often, but I am frustrated. Not many things cause a hot divide like the topic of CBD or medical marijuana. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a hemp derivative. While CBD oil is federally legal and available OTC in many states, my state requires legal hurdles for using this non-intoxicating hemp product.

In this post, I debunk a couple of myths about CBD, discuss some medical and non-medical CBD benefits, share a couple of formulations, and talk about choosing a safe supplier. I also talk about the confusion between state and federal mandates.

Mar 242017
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Why You Need an Accountability Buddy

A fitness partner or accountability buddy may be just the right encouragement to help you jolt you out of your weight loss slump. Having a friend to call when Cherry Garcia beckons from the freezer, or to meet you for an afternoon walk, can help you achieve your goals.

Research indicates that people perform better when working towards an objective together. Why not take advantage of this powerful resource for the both of you?

Mar 222017
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Zucchini Pasta with Italian Lentil Sauce

Spiralized veggies posing as pasta is a hot cooking trend. This vegetarian Zucchini pasta recipe with puts a new twist to the healthy fad.

Have you tried spiralizing vegetables for pasta yet? My mom inspired me to try it and David loved this zucchini pasta recipe so much that he wants me to make it again. Considering he doesn’t like squash, that’s totally amazing!

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