Sesame Mahi Mahi with Pineapple-Chilli Salsa

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Sesame Mahi Mahi with Pineapple-Chili Salsa
Sesame Mahi Mahi with Pineapple-Chili Salsa

The secret’s out.  I am getting older.  Lately, I’ve been struggling to stay active despite some joint issues I fear may be arthritis.  My elbow hurts to pick up my water bottle and the skin hurts, too.  I probably should schedule with a rheumatologist, but until I can get in to see a specialist, I’m attacking it with everything in my arsenal – diet, exercise, ibuprofen, glucosamine.

Fast & Fresh Anti-Inflammatory Cookbook

Lately, I have been studying the link between diet and inflammation.  Inflammation causes the pain associated with arthritis and research links it to a host of autoimmune disorders, obesity, and diabetes.

I even picked up this cookbook, Fast & Fresh Anti-Inflammatory Cookbook: 150 Delicious Recipes To Reduce Inflammation, Restore Your Health & Make You Feel Amazing by LaSelle Press, to learn more about those links.

I’m a researcher by nature.  It’s what I do.  I read information and verify it with expert sources.  The information presented in the Fast & Fresh Cookbook mirrors scientific abstracts.  Get back to the basics.  Eat a healthy diet. Limit processed carbs, add more whole foods and enjoy more foods with high omega-3 content.

I find the recipes in Fast & Fresh compelling.  While the flavor combinations are complex, the recipes are not.  As you will see in the Sesame Mahi Mahi recipe, the author understands that eating healthy should be not only tasty but also be easy.

Fast & Fresh introduces sound concepts that align with the latest medical research concerning diet’s impact on inflammation, but I would love to see the book undergo an editorial review.  In one chapter, the author repeats the entire last paragraph.

Also, in some instances, the recipe’s instructions sometimes conflict with the ingredients.  For example, in this recipe for Sesame Mahi Mahi, the ingredients call for two tsp of coconut oil.  But, the directions refer to two tablespoons of the same ingredient.

The mistakes are not so glaring that they make preparation difficult, however. With a little judgment and common sense, the reader can easily modify the recipe and select what works best.  I found that two tsp of coconut oil was just enough to coat the fish and spritzing the pan with oil kept the fish from sticking.

Even with the errors sprinkled throughout the book, the recipes make Fast & Fresh a worthy add to your Kindle library if you enjoy cooking.

Sesame Mahi Mahi with Pineapple-Chilli Salsa

  • Prep time: 5 minutes
  • Cook time: 20 minutes
  • Total time: 20 minutes

Yields: 2

My husband said this is the best Mahi Mahi he’d ever eaten. While I would love to take credit, the only thing I did was quickly mix the ingredients and keep it from sticking to the pan.

  • For the Salsa
  • 1 cup pineapple fresh chunks
  • 1/2 finely chopped red chilli pepper
  • 1 lime, juiced
  • 2 tsp chopped cilantro
  • 1 finely chopped onion
  • For the Fish
  • 2 4 oz Mahi Mahi Filets
  • 2 tsp coconut oil, melted
  • 2 tbsp sesame seeds

For the Salsa

Combine salsa ingredients and set aside so the flavors can blend while the fish cooks.

For the Fish

Drizzle fillets with coconut oil.

Press sesame seeds into both sides of fish.

Heat a non-stick skillet over medium heat and spray with olive oil.

Saute fish 6-8 minutes each side until fish flakes.

Serve with the salsa on the side.


  • Calories: 280
  • Fat: 10 grams
  • Carbs: 24 grams
  • Protein: 24 grams

Thanks to LaSelle Press for the sample e-book copy.  These recipes will top my favorites list for sure.

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Happily married to the love of my life. It's just us, our 5 cats, and our beautiful woods. I'm loving living back in the Florida panhandle being close to family. I love cooking, living a healthy lifestyle, taking care of our cozy home, and trying new things.

We enjoy hosting parties and my husband and I are both avid gamers. You can find me on PS4 as SunshineFlaGirl. We also play tabletop RPGs and eurogames.

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Alicia Taylor

Happily married to the love of my life. It’s just us, our 5 cats, and our beautiful woods. I’m loving living back in the Florida panhandle being close to family. I love cooking, living a healthy lifestyle, taking care of our cozy home, and trying new things.

We enjoy hosting parties and my husband and I are both avid gamers. You can find me on PS4 as SunshineFlaGirl. We also play tabletop RPGs and eurogames.


  • swathiiyer

    June 20, 2016 - 6:00 pm

    Seasme mahi mahi pineapple chili salsa looks really delicious and yun, pinning and tweeting.

  • Emily

    June 16, 2016 - 11:03 pm

    Oh wow, this is something I will have to make! Thank ks for the idea and you recipe.

  • Elizabeth O

    June 8, 2016 - 8:13 am

    I’m a big fan of fish and all its healing healthy properties. This recipe is excellent. Yum!

  • kleebanks

    June 7, 2016 - 2:46 pm

    Oh my, this looks good! I will have to pick up fish filets this week so I can try this!

  • Liz Mays

    June 7, 2016 - 1:24 pm

    The pineapple salsa topping sounds so amazing on this! It might be a great dish for my family!

  • Claudia Krusch

    June 7, 2016 - 8:34 am

    I love Mahi Mahi! Your recipe sounds so good! I can’t wait to try it!

  • Shannah

    June 7, 2016 - 7:37 am

    I might just have to make this tonight! Looks so delicious!

  • Rosey

    June 7, 2016 - 5:55 am

    What a great recipe for summer entertaining. I like that it has pineapple.

  • laura londergan

    June 6, 2016 - 11:20 pm

    hmmmmm so good Maui Maui is one of my fave things to eat for dinner as it’s so good

  • Carol Bryant

    June 6, 2016 - 11:07 pm

    Yum city for me. You had me at pineapple – then the entire dish had me drooling.

  • Amanda

    June 6, 2016 - 10:57 pm

    I have never eaten Mahi Mahi, but this recipe sure looks delicious!

    • Alicia Taylor

      June 7, 2016 - 9:47 am

      I’m betting it would be good with Tilapia, too. Just reduce the cooking time.

  • loisaltermark

    June 6, 2016 - 10:09 pm

    Ooh, that looks delicious! I love mahi mahi, and I bet the pineapple is so refreshing on it!

  • Koninika

    June 6, 2016 - 8:33 pm

    I love how you talked about yourself and your inspiration before writing the recipe. It gives insight to your life and you in general and personalizes a simple recipe. Makes me want to try it more! Great post!

    • Alicia Taylor

      June 7, 2016 - 9:48 am

      Thank Koninika! I try to be personal in my blog posts. I don’t want to just tell people why they should try something. I want them to know why I did.

  • Amy

    June 6, 2016 - 7:40 pm

    What a delicious way to get those healthy omega’s into you! I love that you used coconut oil which is healthy but also adds flavor!

    • Alicia Taylor

      June 7, 2016 - 9:48 am

      It does add a bit of flavor. The recipe author knew what they were doing on this one.

  • Melisa Bartlett Dodrill

    June 6, 2016 - 7:14 pm

    This sounds really yummy. My kids are nuts over fish, so we eat a lot of it.I’m definitely going to have to try this.

  • Aaronica Cole

    June 6, 2016 - 6:42 pm

    i love sesame on EVERYTHING!!! I think i’ll be trying this out!

  • Heather

    June 6, 2016 - 3:31 pm

    I have only had mahi mahi once and that was in hawaii and it was the most delicious piece of fish I have ever had in my life! I would love to try making some here at the house.

    • Alicia Taylor

      June 6, 2016 - 4:34 pm

      I had it for the first time a couple of weeks ago at a Japanese Hibachi. When I saw the recipe in this cookbook, I had to try it. I was surprised how easy it was!

  • Lilith

    June 6, 2016 - 1:58 pm

    Ooh. Yummy! This looks like a recipe worth trying.

    • Alicia Taylor

      June 6, 2016 - 4:35 pm

      It was easy – and delicious! Definitely worth trying.

  • Ginger

    June 6, 2016 - 12:29 pm

    I had a recipe similar to this when I was in Hawaii. It was so good. Fresh and tasty!

  • Brianna George

    June 6, 2016 - 12:07 pm

    YUM! I wish my kids and hubby liked fish. I love it and this sounds so good. I may have to make this for myself one night.

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