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Time for a change - resetting my goals

Time to reset goals again because it’s time for a change

So, confession time.

Between October and January 2016, I honestly tried to get a workout in here or there. But, my exercise schedule took a backseat to the holiday parties. Since I’m more introverted than a hibernating caterpillar, I had little energy at the end of the day for anything else.  I’m zapped!

On slower days, I’d try to get in a quick session but found myself injuring body parts.  That’s weekend warrior syndrome. I just didn’t have it in me.

I’m not complaining.  I love my family and adore my friends; I wouldn’t change a thing.  These holidays, celebrations, and anniversaries make my year.

Since I knew I had nothing to put toward my fitness plan, I decided to look at it as an experiment.  What will happen to the 40-something-year-old body of a relatively fit and healthy female is she skips working out for four months? (My experience – your mileage may vary).

So, Before I reset goals, what did I notice?

  1. Flexibility 

    My flexibility is still better than it was before I started my fitness journey in 2015, but I experience a noticeable and dramatic decline in flexibility.  Things I could easily reach by stretching a little further, I now have to finagle.

  2. Balance

    I have difficulty doing exercises that require me to balance on one leg and need to revert to the modified version.

  3. Endurance 

    At one point, I started looking for a Daily Burn workout alternative.  I used their exercise program for two years, and it got me to where I was.  However, I had completed most of their advanced programs, and the 365 daily schedule wasn’t difficult enough.  Now, their daily routine is kicking my butt.  I’ve even had to lay down on our gym floor and recover.

  4. Sleep Schedule and daytime fatigue

    I haven’t been able to sleep as comfortably, and my sleep seems more interrupted.  I experience more daytime fatigue, which makes it more difficult to exercise.  Breaking that cycle is hard.

  5.  Muscle density 

    The muscle tone in my arms is more flaccid than it was before I began this little experiment.  I am unable to carry as much weight as easily.

  6. Weight gain 

    Oops!  I’m no longer at my goal weight.  I gained 10 pounds back.  I’ve been working on it, but those last 10-pounds are being stubborn. 

  7. Motivation

    It took a while for me to build motivation the first time around.  Now, I’m experiencing difficulty finding the motivation to continue.

Starting Again: The plan to Reset Goals

Lesson: Food-centered holiday months make a lousy time to slack off.  Yep!  Combining holiday meals with inactivity does what it sounds like it would do.  The dryer shrunk my favorite jeans, and my energy wanes.

  1. I’ve returned to tracking my food.  I hadn’t intended to stop, but I frequently forgot during the bustling holidays.
  2. Work out five days a week.  I’ve managed an average of three days since the beginning of January.  I know that’s not enough, though.  I need to increase it.
  3. Monitor my weight.  Lose those stubborn pounds before I get too attached and opt to buy new clothes instead.
  4. Start cooking more often.  The busy holiday schedule frequently preempted cooking.  Getting back into the swing of cooking more regularly has been difficult.

The Goal

I want to return to my previous fitness level and see my maintenance weight again.  I want my strength to come back and see more increased muscle toning.

On that note, I’m gonna hit the workout room.  Thanks for reading.

Goal Setting | Starting Over | Fitness and Health

Is it time to start over with your goals? Have you left them behind?

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  13 Responses to “Starting Again: Getting Back Into Motion and Reset Goals”

  1. I recently joined a ladies boot camp, I love the feeling after a great workout, for mind and body! Good for you on setting this goal! Keep it up!

  2. I like to reevaluate my goals when I get stuck in a rut. Sometimes setting smaller goals for myself makes me feel like I am getting more done.

  3. It’s great that the setbacks didn’t cause you to give up. That’s key! It will be nice to have those benefits from exercising again.

  4. Good for you restarting your goals! It is so easy to fall off track and so hard to get back at it. I know lol I am trying!

  5. My goals pretty much stay the same. My problem is slacking off. One of my motivations is the knowledge that any day is a good day to begin my program again!

  6. Getting back and resetting goals is hard. It is great that you know your body so well and what you need to do.

  7. These are great things because fitness is not an easy thing to get into if your mind is not ready. IT is okay to take time off but don’t let the time off became the constant thing. KEep striving.

  8. it is always good to reassess your goals. I am glad you are getting to reset and make new goals fro yourself.

  9. I agree that slacking off during the holidays is easy to do but harder to come back from. Resetting goals is a great step to getting back to target.

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